Sangre de Grado EXTRACT

Sangre de Grado EXTRACT

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Sangre De Grado Extract can be used as a hair mask or can be added to your daily shampoo. 

Can also be added with other natural ingredients like aloevera , rosemary water , mint leaves to make your own hair tonic.

This is made by Sangre De Grado Root only.
Purely Fresh from Mexico.

This extract helps to thicken your hair building it stronger from root to the end. 

•Reduces hairloss 

•Stimulates Hair Growth

•More Manageability 

•Brings back the natural shine 

To use alone as a hair mask , use a spray bottle and spray roots only. Massage scalp for 5 minutes leave it in for another 10minutes. Rinse well. You can apply conditioner avoiding the scalp.

Hair will feel tangled /hard once fully air dried you'll feel the difference.

Color safe.

*this will not foam like the shampoo **

To mix with shampoo:

Mix 8oz extract into a 16oz bottle of shampoo.

Repeat directions above.